Our newest addition to our business. Online Art Sales!

I truly believe my husband Mark makes the most beautiful paintings I’ve ever seen. Yes, I’m in awe of the great painters of the world, Monet, and Van Gough but to look at Marks paintings is a special experience. One I am lucky enough to experience everyday.

Marks paintings speak to the most purest part of your soul. The part of your soul that connects with nature and the natural world around you.

I know that Mark wants to make art that moves people the way that the beauty of nature moves him. And I know that when people see his work and love it, few things make him happier. It is a noble mission, to create art that inspires people to see the beauty of the world.

The way I see it, everyone in the world deserves the right to look at Marks work. Whether it’s on a computer, a phone, a print, or if they are fortunate enough to own an original. To me, I think Mark would be millions and millions of people in the worlds “favorite artist”. Living life surrounded by his images is absolutely elevating.

This is our product. This is Marks gift to the world. It is now my job to get these images in front of as many people as possible. I truly believe that there are so many people who will see these paintings and fall in love.

We are planning on adding available original art work to the gallery soon. Also figurative drawing prints, and maybe even some of my paintings! Stay tuned.

Check it out. Share with your friends. We love you. Pilatesartstudio.com/shop

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